The bet365 bookmaker offers a convenient interface for pre- and Live betting. The coefficient lines on the site work with flash technology, so after the initial download, the application responds to commands well, and the betting process does not take much time. In the line of the bookmaker’s office, there are several dozens of sports, and the procedure for making bets allows you to quickly place an ordinary, express or a combination.

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The site page of bet365 consists of several functional zones:

  • The main panel at the top of the page. It allows you to open other types of games in bet365 and log into the user’s account.
  • Panel of categories selection on the left. It provides quick navigation between bets and sports types.
  • The coupon panel on the right. It is used for making single and combined bets.
  • Central panel with the line. It is the main block with information in which competitions, bet categories, odds, etc. are selected.
  • Panel of current sporting events. It is located on the right, under the panel of actions and special offers.

Betting on live events in the bet365 bookmaker office

To go to the page of current events and Live-bets, you can open the «In-Play» link at the top of the page or use the current events panel on the right. The second option is more convenient for those users who are looking for a specific match and want to immediately open a page with coefficients.

How to access live events on bet365

By default, the «In-Play» page opens in «Overview» mode — this is the line of the current matches and the main coefficients on them. Above the line, there is the filter of modes: «Overview», «Event View» and «Schedule» (matches that will soon begin).

Mode filter: «Overview», «Event View» and «Schedule»

Above the line of live betting, there is a series of pictograms by which you can filter the line by sports.

Live filtered by sports
When displayed in the «Event View» mode, an additional panel appears on the right of the page, which allows you to monitor the progress of the selected match.
There are two modes:

  • Schematic broadcast of current match events with statistical team indicators.
  • Video broadcast of the match. This function is available only to users with a positive balance of their personal account.

For some sports, it is possible to filter out the line, leaving only those matches broadcasted by bet365 live.

toggle the timeline on the line where it is broadcast

After clicking on the selected coefficient, the event is added to the Bet Slip. The bookmaker office allows you to bet on Live single bets, expresses, and combinations. If the coefficient is changed after the moment of its addition, the «Accept Changes» button appears under the coupon. When you click on it, the data in the Bet Slip is updated, after which you can click «Place Bet» to register the bet.

Bet365 bet slip

To open action line for a particular match, click on its name in the line. It will open on a new page with a statistics block and live broadcast (if available).

Sports event painting on bet365 website

Next to the sports event header there is a drop-down list of key match events.

Key events of the sporting event

For a more convenient and quicker use of the action line, filters «Favorite» (asterisk) and «Minimize» (down arrow) are offered. They are located in the header of the bet type.

Filters Favorite (asterisk) and Collapse (down arrow)

For example, when you click on the asterisk in the header «Double Chance» (Double Chance), this block will be fixed at the top of the line. If you click on the arrow icon, the block will curtail and will occupy the minimum space.

Place bet

Betting on the pre-match line in bet365

The line for pre-match bets in this bookmaker can be opened through the main page. On the main page, there are offers on live betting and popular betting on various sports.

To open a pre-match line, you need to select a specific sport from the list panel on the left side of the screen. After that, a list of popular betting options, tournaments, and countries appears in the line.

After selecting the desired category, a list of events is displayed in the line. Here you can (the buttons are marked in the following picture):

  • Open the page with live broadcast of the match (1).
  • Open the page with detailed statistics on rivals, the history of their confrontations, the tournament position, etc. (2)
  • Make a bet on the main outcomes (3).
  • Open the expanded list of coefficients (4).

list of events on bet365

On the page of the selected event, you can curtail and expand groups from specific variants of coefficients. For this, as well as in the live-line, you need to click on the arrow in the category header.

Bet builder

The Bet Builder is a special feature of the bet365 bookmaker office, which gives the user the opportunity to collect one bet from several coefficients of one event. The constructor is opened from the bet type menu for the event that is located above the line itself. For example, for football matches here are available:

  • Main action line (Main);
  • Bet constructor (Bet builder);
  • Asian lines;
  • Goals;
  • Action line on results of the first half of the game (Half);
  • Special lines (Specials);
  • Odds on results of the first 10 minutes of the match (10 Minutes).

Designer bets (Bet Builder)

We are interested in the Bet builder. We open it. Initially, there are no options here, so we click «Add» (Add Selection) and select the first coefficient from the list. Let’s consider the example of the match «Liverpool» — «Newcastle».

Working with the bid designer

Let’s suppose that we want to bet on the fact that Liverpool will win in the first half, and the score of the match will be 3-0. To do this, first select «Result», select from «Match» and «Liverpool» items. Then click on the button «Add this Selection» (Add this Selection).

Working with the designer bet on the site Bet365

After that, press «Add Selection» again and select «Score». Substitute the values «Full Time Score» and «Liverpool 3-0». Click «Add».

The formation rates through the designer at bet 365

The number of coefficients from which the bet is built is not limited. Clicking on the inscription «How does Bet Builder work?», you can see advice from the bookmaker, how to collect a large coefficient from special options.

The amount of the odds bet

After making a bet in the Bet Builder, you need to click the «Add to Bet Slip» button to add to the coupon.

Sports in BM bet365

The bet365 bookmaker offers more than 30 sports, which are conveniently sorted by categories in the left panel. The most extensive action line is presented in the most popular sports: football, basketball, hockey, and tennis. Since the bookmaker office is based in the UK, much emphasis is placed on football.

In the line of bet365 there are also available:

  • American football;
  • Baseball;
  • Bowling;
  • Boxing/UFC;
  • Cricket;
  • Cycling and motorcycling;
  • Darts;
  • Cybersport;
  • Futsal;
  • Gaelic sports;
  • Golf;
  • Canine and horse racing;
  • Lotto;
  • Snooker;
  • Rugby;
  • Winter sports, etc.

In the category «Specials» you can find offers for bets on political and cultural events of different countries. Basically, these are cinematographic awards, musical competitions and elections in individual countries. In the category «Virtual Sports» you can watch live broadcasts of virtual competitions and make pre-match or live betting on them.

Bet Types and Bet Slip Interface

After selecting a coefficient in the line, it is added to the bet slip (Bet Slip). In bet365, it makes it as easy as possible for the user to create a bet, automatically adjusting to the number of added outcomes.

When betting on an ordinary in the coupon, you only need to specify the size of the bet and click the «Place Bet» button.

bet on a resident

When adding several outcomes, the combined bets function is added. Here is a coupon for two outcomes. You can put ordinaries for each event, as well as an express double.

coupon for two outcomes

When adding three outcomes, it is proposed to put 3 ordinaries and 1 express-treble. Starting with three or more outcomes, you can make combined betting on systems, groups of expresses, etc. To show all options, click on the message «Show all multiples». For three outcomes, we offer:

  • 4 ordinaries;
  • 3 express doubles;
  • 1 express-treble (from all three events);
  • 1 system of trixy (consists of a triple express and three double expresses).

The bet amount is divided into 4 shares, for each of which the winnings are calculated separately.
trixie system (consists of triple Express and three double Express)

When adding more outcomes to the coupon, the number of possible combinations increases. Here is the scheme for four events: 4 ordinaries, 6 double expresses, 4 triple expresses, 1 quadruple express and Yankee system (consists of 11 expresses).

the scheme is for four events: 4 single bets, 6 double bets, 4 trebles, 1 Quad Express and the Yankees system (consists of 11 Express trains)

Systems for a greater number of combinations are made similarly, and the number of possible bets increases exponentially. For five bets this is Super Yankee (26 expresses), for six — Heinz (57 expresses), for seven — Super Heinz (120), for eight — Goliath (247), nine and more — Block (502/1013/2036 and etc.)

Express coupon code Bet365

That’s what the Bet Slip looks like when you add 7 events to it. You can choose individual options of expresses and put different amounts for each.

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